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Selection of candidates and interviews

HR consulting

Organizational Transactional Analysis

Development of employees

For companies that do not have a human resources sector, we create and advertise job ads, selecting and interviewing candidates.

The choice for the best candidates, requires a team of experts who will be able to evaluate and analyze each candidate individually. Accordingly, our team of qualified managers and psychologists processes all the submitted biographies and performs a quality selection process.

Through interviews and cooperation with your employees, we analyze, evaluate and plan to improve your employees.

We establish an organizational structure.

OTA - Organizational Transactional Analysis is a rational approach to understanding behavior, which is based on the assumption that everyone can learn to respect themselves, think for themselves, make their own decisions, expresses their feelings. But also to respect other people, to respect other opinions and decisions.

The aim of this analysis is to increase the efficiency of human resources directed towards the realization of goals and objectives.

Principles of OTA can be applied at work, at home, in the classroom, in the neighborhood - wherever we are with people, thus OTA is the study of personality in organizations.

The set of education we provide for your employees:

emotional intelligence, assertive communication, team work, conflict management, management stress, change management, leadership, psychological games in organizations, organizational script, motivation of employees, delegation, behavior patterns in the organization.