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The Proman story


Who am I today? A PROfessional MANager. But before continuing who I am, I will tell you who I was.

I used to be a kid without a goal, wandering the streets aimlessly. With indescribable rage in myself. Just hanging around. Hanging at the park benches, in cafes, in the streets, on the stands – surrounded by all kind of people. It did not matter with who or where I was. And when you are just hanging around and you do not know what to do with yourself, you become the thing you know how they say, an Idle Mind Is the Devil's Playground. You are emitting and attracting a lot of negative energy and slowly you are becoming a huge failure in your own eyes and soon in the eyes of society.

I woke up one morning, which was the same as the previous 768 mornings and I finally realized. Realized that something had to CHANGE. In order to get started, I had to work on my own spirit, to do anything to start. I did 9 push-ups and read the poetry of Sergei Yesenin. Then it all started. I ignited a spark, found fire in myself, got out of my comfort zone and started to make some CHANGES. Changes which would shape me, make me better. Changes that I have to implement. Changes that I want to make with YOU.

The greatest fight, the greatest struggle is with the man in the mirror. With ourselves. If we win against the man in the mirror, we will win it all! And I made it real. I transformed.

In the meanwhile, love is born! Mostly for management, but with focus on informal education. That way, continuously learning and improving my knowledge was the crucial thing I have done with myself. Erasmus Roterodamus said: “The main hope of every nation lies in the education of its youth”. Not just hope of every nation, but faith in ourselves. And this is my professional life philosophy. The second is networking. This has proven to be the best strategy ever for me.

The Proman is born. Today, I am founder and CEO of Proman Consulting management agency based in Kragujevac, Serbia, and Luxembourg Slovenian Business Club from Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Now, we are working on achieving big victories together!
We are not alone. We have our partners, we have local experts and experts from abroad.

Our clients are our partners. We have the same mindset. We are growing together. If you have the same mindset, be our partner! Together we can CHANGE things.

Strahinja Tirnanić
November 2018, Ljubljana