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Proman Consulting | We celebrated our 4th birthday!

We celebrated our 4th birthday!

Just four years ago, one man decided to step out of his comfort zone and start making changes that would make him and his environment better. The love that was born in him for management, through informal education and education of young people, laid a foundation for building a great story about Proman Consulting. 

"To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream, not only plan but also believe." The founder and owner of Proman, Strahinja Tirnanić, was motivated by this Anatol France message, building his business story and expanding his business family further. 

This birthday was not a jubilee, but it will certainly have a special place in our hearts for our Proman family. We wanted to share our joy with someone, so we decided to have special guests that day. For the first time, and we believe it will not be the last, our youngest friends without parental care, residents of Kneginja Ljubica's social institution, came to visit us.

To inspire them to take steps towards change in their lives, we have organized a series of activities that we hope will awaken something new in them. 

Education and new information for young people are never out of place, so we prepared a short presentation for them about what social networks are and pointed out the importance of digital security and how to avoid digital violence. Of course, we made an effort to convey to them that it is a virtual world, which can be the absolute opposite of what it is in reality. 

By giving new life to our yard, we wanted to raise their environmental awareness in a fun way, so we planted 11 thuja trees and gave them creative names. In this way, we also wanted to awaken in our friends a relationship with nature and how beautiful it is to follow the growth of plants and trees, just like the growth of children.

Our story certainly does not end here. The art and culture of Kragujevac are always our first choice. That's why, with the help of our actors, from The Princely Serbian Theatre, Nenad Vulević-Vule, and his student Mihajlo Milošević, we managed to further awaken the children's imagination and creativity through play and a workshop. 

Where there is theater, there is music, so in that style, with the help of a wonderful saxophonist, a freshman at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, and our fellow citizen, Katarina Slavković, we opened the door to a music world for orphans from Kneginja Ljubica.

We owe many thanks for the wonderful atmosphere to our families, our friends, co-workers, and partners who contributed to making this day full of love, both for the children and for all of us. 

The smiles didn't leave their faces, love and positive energy circulated in the air, and what we hope for the most is that our friends who managed to peek into some new worlds will start all the changes they want one day without fear. 

Maybe one day one of them will become our dear colleague and sit in the marketer's chair, an actor in the oldest Serbian theater, or we will wait in line for tickets to someone's music concert.

See you next time <3




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