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Proman Consulting | The Princely-Serbian Theater and Proman Consulting together on the scene!

The Princely-Serbian Theater and Proman Consulting together on the scene!

On May 25, 2021, the oldest theater in Serbia, The Princely-Serbian Theater founded in 1835 in Kragujevac, and the management agency Proman Consulting from Kragujevac formalized their partnership.

The director of the theater, Mladen Knezevic, and the director of the agency, Strahinja Tirnanic, signed an agreement on joint development in the field of culture, marketing, and communication on the small stage of The Princely-Serbian Theater.

During the preparation, rehearsals, pre-premiere, and premiere of the play "The Government Inspector", the members of the theater ensemble warmly welcomed the associates of the Proman Consulting agency and had great cooperation, despite the great event that awaited them in those days. We spent a few days together during the entire preparation of the costume piece, through the make-up room, the wig room and even on stage.

The goal of the joint cooperation is to raise the level of awareness about culture as well as to promote the rich history, tradition, ensemble, and current work of The Princely-Serbian Theater. We will do our best to transfer the energy and all the life of the theater to the audience, which takes place all the time behind the scenes, and in that way introduce the people of Kragujevac to the world of theater.

I am very proud of the fact that a very small and very young agency like ours, with great enthusiasm, respect, and goals, enters the project with the oldest theater in Serbia. This is our gift and our contribution to the theater, the ensemble, the City as well as our fellow citizens.

It will be especially interesting and challenging to work with such creative and interesting people. We have a lot of work to do, but great satisfaction is also present. The whole team from the theater is great and I think that our love for the theater and one great friendship is taking on a whole new dimension!

Strahinja Tirnanić, director and owner of the Proman Consulting agency, pointed out.


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