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After many years of working with young people, we can conclude a lot of things, but one of the main ones: if they recognize their potential and in a disciplined way direct their work towards the desired goal, results after some time are inevitable. Apart from just learning theory, which is extremely important, it is also necessary to enter the business world through practice.

Do those couple of years of work experience that employers ask for in a job description sound familiar? That experience can be gained through an internship.

Theoretical knowledge is something that dominates our education system. Dry definitions and memorized divisions in lessons are not something that will be of use to you on a daily level in business.

Students start our internship program from the very beginning. We are aware that we need to be patient and walk them through the basic business processes, step by step. Introduce the business culture to them, internal and external communication, teach them how to use certain business tools, and show them how to deal with complex tasks as well as with routine jobs.

In our company, there are three internship programs that students can choose from. The first program is an unpaid professional internship, which implies that the intern spends half of his working time in our agency (4 hours daily). During that time, the interns have a training process and daily tasks. The second program is a paid internship, which implies a slightly more extensive scope of daily tasks and full-time work spent at the agency with other employees. The third program is a mandatory internship attended by master's degree students from the Faculty of Economics in Kragujevac.

We go through every project and segment of the business together with the intern and try to implement and upgrade the knowledge that the intern got at the University with practical experience. According to that, we are preparing them for the future and making them stand out in the job market.

It should be noted that this is a win-win situation for students, faculty, and also for the company.

Training a young person and directing his or her potential in the right way will also bring benefit to the company. New energy, motivation, and desire for progress and success are more dominant at the beginning of the career, so the onboarding process is much easier for all sides.

In our agency, almost all employees started their careers as interns. Some of them applied for the program on their initiative, others chose our agency in agreement with the faculty as a part of the obligatory internship, and now, all of them are part of a team. 

Gathering knowledge and learning new skills, represents a treasure trove of new opportunities and success that, after hard investment in yourself, are inevitable at the end of the road.

Success doesn't come overnight. That's why you should do your best from the first day of your career and patiently build the base for a great future in the business.

If you see yourself as part of a successful company that works with young people, don't let fear block your potential, just send us your CV for an internship at

The greatest friend of students and young people, Proman Consulting  :)


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