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“The main hope of a nation lies in the proper education of its youth“ - Erasmus Roterodamus

Lectures, Workshops and Training Courses

Creating a CV and Motivational Letter

Job Interview Simulations and Preparing Candidates for Job Searching

We help students, organizations, groups and individuals to expand their capacities, knowledge and improve their skills.

Through a set of education, you will learn to write a professional CV, research companies and employment markets, prepare for an interview and implement it.

Our goal is to acquire skills that will help you to progress and stand out in the labor market, which will result in your employment and beginning of a career.

So far we have organized and conducted workshops and lectures in the field of employment and internships, marketing, human resources and entrepreneurship.

We approach in detail, training are in small groups and individual. Result: You are locked and loaded!

We support non-formal education as much as formal.

We are totally youth friendly :)