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„Not great not terrible“

Recently one friend told me that he was waging a war on mediocrity. It immediately came to my mind the "Chernobyl" series and now the famous "Not great, not terrible" replica. Neither great nor terrible. So somewhere in the middle, neither here nor there. We all know how it ended in Chernobyl...

I admit we live in the realm of mediocrity. Commonplaceness. Discontents. Where it is much easier for a person to be mediocre, to merge into gray and not bounce, than to be different. To offer something different.

I had the opportunity to be in Ljubljana at a lecture and workshop by a famous American entrepreneur and billionaire Jeff Hoffman. He says people should win a gold medal in at least one thing. He also says that the most inaccessible resource in the world is not money, but talent. The talent you have to work on, build it and perfect it every day of your life. Guy talks about not being mediocre. It's the same event, it's a break, and I’m having coffee and have a relaxing view of all these people who are far above average. He fixed me with a glance, and asked me what your gold medal is? I froze. Jeff Hoffman asks me what my gold medal is. I think, every millisecond as eternity. - Organizing, sir. Pretty non-confident, insecure ... This talent hunter just smiled and continued to circle the room. Work on it, he said.

Sobering. What is my black gold medal? One look was enough to freeze. I was thinking all night, I started a business, and I don't have a gold medal. The fucking average!?

Sobering 2. After 2 days, I find myself with one person who has multiple gold medals. A very successful person. I tell her I'm just average, and in an entrepreneurial movie, I have to do something urgently.

- You say average? Are you on a project and training abroad? You spent all day with the creator of and Priceline, learning from him and the highest quality people that Slovenia has? Average, but gathered courage and set out to shape your destiny? Doesn't seem like average to me...

- I know, but what am I holding a gold medal for? Maybe the only ... - Work on it! Be dedicated. We are all born with Tabula rasa...

For years I have been working on not being average. To stand out from the crowd. I'm training for that gold medal. I don't hook, I am quite and train. But to succeed as individuals, we have also influenced our environment. So, for me to succeed, you have also to succeed. You have not been average.

Think, reflect, read, write, visualize. Set your principles, act accordingly. Behave the way one non-average person behaves. Which seems to be out of its time. Travel. Meet different cultures, languages, and people. Learn the Language of the World. Feel all possible experiences. Make mistakes. Surround yourself with people similar to yourself. Surround yourself with people better than yourself. This is the only way to get out of the vicious circle, into a whole new world! And that...

 "To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe" - ​​Anatole France


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