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Doing business in Slovenia?

Let's start with who we are and what we do. 

Proman Consulting is a management consulting agency that provides a full management-service for your business. It creates identities, campaigns, the strategy of your appearance and content on social networks, writes and executes projects, recruits and educates human resources, builds and organizes new businesses and also improves and restructurizes existing ones. Proman received the title from the abbreviated phrase "Professional Management".

Proman Cons. is entering the last quarter of the first year of operation, of which two quarters have been active on the Slovenian market. In this short time, our agency has established cooperation with four different organizations. Collaborations refer to the following areas: organizational management, marketingand EU projects.

"Just three months after the birth of the agency, going to a foreign and completely unknown market, get so many contacts, new partners and cooperation in three EU projects in such a short period of time I consider it a great success for a beginner in business. What I managed to accomplish in Ljubljana in a very short period is about theexploited opportunities and chances that are being used in a very developed and very professional market. It is also the result of long and continuous improvement of knowledge in different fields, as well as networking with quality and people with the similar mindset " is the first impression of the young manager and founder of the agency, Tirnanić Strahinja.

He gained the new market through the project of the European Commission "Erasmus for young entrepreneurs", in cooperation with the Business Development Center. He spent 3 months in Ljubljana as a program director of the Luxembourg Slovenian Business Club.

CEED event, Jeff Hoffman

"Strategy No.1 when I came to Ljubljana was networking. Visiting business events and networking with top professionals has led to a large number of meetings and my performance can be measured by high percentages. The Center for Career Development Banja Luka has been a big contributor to my activities, when the director recommended me CEED Slovenia (which gathers the highest quality professionals, entrepreneurs and top managers of various companies in Slovenia.

All the partners and mentors I worked with during the 3 months in Ljubljana contributed a lot to the incredible growth and development of my agency and myself. In addition to Luxembourg's Slovenian Business Club, I have gained cooperation with two other organizations and one company that operates globally as well as several individuals.

Of course, my performance in Slovenia was also contributed by partners from Serbia, primarily QPO soft who developed our website as well as SB creative studio, with which together we create visual solutions for our own needs and the needs of our partners".

You can read the original interview on the infokg portal.

For the Changes in your business, be part of the Proman Consulting Network! To be continued...



  • Aqwez

    March 01, 2020 - 03:40 PM

    Now it is very important to have your own business. But creating a business is very troublesome and requires great knowledge and care. If you still decide to create your own business, then do not be afraid to turn to professionals to help create.